Giving is an act of worship

  • We offer our first fruits to God for His purposes, to acknowledge and honor our understanding that everything we receive or possess is a blessing and gift from Him.
  • God is King of the Universe and the Giver of all good things.  God’s very character is one of immeasurable generosity, demonstrated by the giving of His Son for our salvation and abundant life.  When we mimic His generosity through our giving we reflect His character, which brings Him great pleasure.  Giving to God through the local church is a way to uphold these truths in our daily lives.
  • A natural result of generosity is that it acts as an antidote to envy and covetousness while fueling the good works and good deeds of the people of God in this community.
  • In the end our regular, generous, cheerful giving is a pure act of worship, an acknowledgement that God is King and we are His people.
  • Lifetree strives, in all areas of life, to be a generous church in this community and all over the world.